Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Welcome To my blog, I"m Ann.

Let me start off by telling your about my family. I'm 34 and I was born and raised in Upstate NY. I met my husband in 1996, not long after graduation. we started Dating not long after we met, and Soon got married and had our family.

I have 5 kids, Zachary just Turn 13 in November. he's my little buddy. he loves most things mom dose. (excpt foods). and he knows how to make me laugh. He's very sensitive, and can sometimes be bossy to his siblings

Dylan is 10 and is sort of shy. He can't stand seeing affection at all. and Refuse to kiss anyone. even mom. He's very smart. and knows more then he leads on. he's funny and caring.

Madyson is my 9 yr old, she is very much a daddy's girl and rather spend her days sprawled out on her daddy's lap. That is where you will normally find her. She just took up Loom knittin.. we will talk about that later.

Hannah is my lil stinker #1 she is very headstrong and dose what she wants. normaly I have to yell her name more then once to get her attention beacuse she chooses to Tune mom out.

Cheyenne is my baby. and Stinker #2. She is A total mommy's girl. and has the nickname baby-girl. She's smart and funny. loves to cuddle. but watch out. she can be a total Stick!

now were no ordinary family. We live our daily lives with kids with Disabilitys.

Zachary, Dylan, Mady and Hannah all have ADHD. so Live is not dull. they are all go go go. but are all on Meds to help them focus. I normaly do not get the "med" kids. as by the time school is out their meds have worn out and they are on superdrive.

Zachary, Dylan and Mady all also have a condition called Tricatillamaina (Trica-tilla-maina_ Not sure it's spelled rite. but it's a condition where you compulsively Pull out at body hair, Esp their hair on their heads.
Madyson has the most sever case, she has gone as far as pulling all her waist length hair out. I never cut her hair EVER! The hair she had was from the time she was born, and one day she just started to pull it out, and after a week it was gone.

she has struggled the most with the compulsion of pulling her hair., I Tried everything to get her to stop. her Dr then started her on Intuniv a great ADHD med. All my adhd kids excpt hannah are on this med due to the Tricatilla.

Recently I started up Loom knitting. just for a change in pace. I normally just crochet. but I needed a change. Mady One afternoon asked to learn to crochet. but her Coordination is just not there. so I showed her once how to use the loom and it all took off from there, She now is looming like crazy.

Madyson, Hannah and Dylan are all Classified at school as mildly Intellectually Delayed. they are behind in their skills and preform at a much lower level then they are. All 5 kids have IEP's in school for their issues but we love them how they are. and treat them as if they were just any regular child

Mady has gotten requests from her teachers for her hats.. and she was thrilled people wanted her hats. :). so I decided to Open a page on my etsy just for her. to sell her hats, and make herself some money to buy anything a Little girl could want. Rite now She is saving to buy herself some yarn and more looms.

If your intrested in Helping madyson visit my BACKPOCKETBOOTIE
and click on the left where it says Hats by 9 yr old madyson. (HATS BY MADYSON)

Thanks and Enjoy our lil blog

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